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About Merit-Empire

Merit Empire Logistic & IT Services is an Afghan owned Supply/Logistics Company Registered with Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA)

providing full range of Logistics, Supply, Catering, HR Management services to its clients to all major destinations in the world, and also to all points within Afghanistan. Exceptional work, competitive prices, on time and on budget make up the basis of the Merit Empire.

Merit Empire(D-39426) is a company with regional scope and national recognition. We have Shown that if you can dream it, we can build it. We are proud that over 80% of our Business comes from repeat clients. We are an award winning Construction Company focused on user-driven outcomes. We strive to create meaningful connections for Users through considered strategy and innovation in the digital space.

Our Philosophy- The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

Beginning in 2011, we continue a commitment to excellence by striving for quality in every job regardless of size, budget or time line.

We still maintain the same foundation of integrity, trust and mutual respect that has made the business an ever-expanding success, and one of the premier contractors in the country. We live where we work and take immeasurable pride in the results we see every day.


Merit Empire Logistic & IT Services is an Afghan owned Supply/Logistics Company

Registered with Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) providing full range of

Logistics, Supply, Catering, HR Management services to its clients to all major destinations in the world, and also to all points within Afghanistan. Exceptional work, competitive prices, on time and on budget make up the basis of the Merit Empire.

We endeavour to provide prompt, personalized and reliable services to our clients, in collaboration with sister companies and our network of local, regional and international business partners. Our broad experience and know-how of the local as well as international markets enable us to offer the best alternatives and solutions to our clients within their defined budget.

Merit Empire specialized logistic and supply services range from Transportation, International Freight Forwarding, HR Management Services, Payroll Processing, Catering, Custom Clearance, Cargo Handling, Distribution and Warehousing to the supply of Electronic Equipment, Computers, Communication Systems, Petroleum Products, Construction Materials, Office Supplies and Vehicles and Machineries.

Merit Empire operates at all entry points and airports in Afghanistan.

Merit Empire through its global network of associates ensures prompt, personalized, accurate and reliable service to the international and local clients. Our experts take necessary steps to clearly understand the nature of your requirements and then put our competitive solutions to work for you.

Hence the approach by our experienced and professional team ensures consistent level of performance and personalized service to your entire satisfaction thus offering any types of Logistics and Supplies services.


Our mission is to focus on the customer as the most important aspect of our business.

From concept to completion, each project is undertaken with an uncompromising commitment to excellence. We accomplish this mission through a team commitment to quality, efficiency and integrity.

At Merit Empire we work to ensure the highest level of confidence in the quality of our services before they are released and implemented.


We at Merit Empire Services believe in teamwork. With every new day the quest for acquiring new competencies continues. Forever searching, experimenting, innovating, learning, moving ahead with our sincere efforts and dedication, shaping the future, and

Challenging our competencies to create new opportunities is a never-ending process in the company.

Teamwork People Focused

We recognize our primary asset is people. To be successful, MERIT EMPIRE must be a rewarding place to work. We provide opportunity and encouragement to help our people reach their potential. We work with our clients as a team. Mutual respect provides the foundation for our success.

Integrity Highest Ethical Standards

We remain true to our founding values of quality, honesty and hard work. We have the highest ethical standards in the industry. We “do the right thing.” Merit Empire Services is a business based on trust.

MERIT EMPIRE is consistently associated with the high standards of service, quality, personal attention to clients, and integrity. Because of this reputation the company has the privilege of leading some of the highest profile, often one-of-a-kind, projects in the Afghanistan.

Commitment Client Driven

We are proactive in finding solutions for our clients that best achieve their goals. Lasting relationships are the lifeblood of our business. We want the client to feel that our staffs are even more committed to the effort than their own staff…that’s what distinguishes us. Personal attention to our clients as individuals…caring about them as individuals Subcontractors We value our relationships with subcontractors and suppliers, and continuously seek ways Merit Empire Services can assist you in participating on our projects.


Merit Empire Services with 100% Afghan ownership staffed by distinguished, experienced and well qualified professional experts. Merit Empire Services has an active panel of associates consultants and advisors with rich experiences in various fields. They cover a wide range of specialties and specifications.

This has in effect led to an integrated approach to planning, particularly for projects which have multi-disciplinary consequences


Merit Empire Services works across all industry segments including, USG, USAID’s, UN Agencies, National and International NGO’s, Public, Military, Humanitarian and others


As a responsible business entity, we at Merit Empire Services recognize our responsibilities towards our employees, our clients and the society as a whole. Our EHS policy is based on the same rationale and we give prime importance to conducting our business activities within the following EHS framework.


  • Ensure full compliance with and adherence to all EHS related legislation and responsibilities.
  • Provide a healthy and safe working environment, work place and methods of work.
  • Ensure and encourage regular consultation between the company employees and management on all issues pertinent to environmental, health and safety management.
  • Raise awareness amongst employees on matters of EHS issues by providing them the necessary information and training.
  • Encourage and inspire our employees to contribute to maintaining safe, healthy and environment friendly working conditions.
  • Ensure the provision of environmentally friendly and safe, products, services and solutions to our clients.


We commit ourselves to the continued review of our EHS policy and incorporating improved practices and procedures for fulfilling our Environmental protection, health and safety obligations to our employees, our clients and to the society.



At Merit Empire Services, we have developed a culture that promotes an injury-free environment and provides the safest workplace possible for our employees, subcontractors, clients and others who enter or who near our sites. Our tune is: “Every worker goes home from each of our jobs, every day.”

We are dedicated to elevating the standards for safety in the construction industry through a wide variety of methods—from zero-tolerance drug testing to our aggressive fall-protection program, which includes partnering with the leaders in the insurance industry to develop the next generation of fall-protection systems. Through innovative training and education programs, we also provide our employees and subcontractors with the tools, knowledge and resources they need to increase safety, reduce risk and improve loss control on every project we manage.


Merit Empire Services is a Company with many diversified Logistic and Supply services activities that varies from Ship Chartering, HR Management Services, Payroll Processing, Catering, Forwarding and Clearing of air and sea freights, Chartering and Freight Brokering, International Freight Forwarding by sea and air, Project Cargo Handling, Custom Clearance, Transportation and Door to Door Service Logistic / Distribution and warehousing.

For the first time in Afghanistan Merit Empire Services is providing warehouse maintenance, management, training and even building warehouses for its clients in order to better manage their resources.

Although, Merit Empire Services is a relatively new setup, but certainly is a rapidly growing one. Merit Empire Services has an extensive experience in handling Project Cargos destined for use in some of the Afghans most important projects. The services that Merit Empire Services provides include, but are not limited, are the following:



  • Security Hardening
  • Communications Systems/items
  • Computer and Network System
  • Generators
  • Construction Materials
  • Security and Fire Alarm systems
  • A/Cs and other printing equipment
  • Office stationeries and Supplies
  • Parts and Tools
  • Medical Supplies
  • Rental Services
  • Vehicles and Machineries
  • Furniture and carpentry division
  • Complete range of Construction Material
  • Lubricants
  • May others

A dedicated division for furniture and carpentry work including but not limited to:

Pre-Fabricated offices/Containers Furniture


  • Worldwide moving and relocation services for household Goods and vehicles.
  • Cargo Handling
  • Logistic Management
  • In-House Supply/Logistic Management
  • Supply Chain Management

Clearance and Handling, Forwarding and Warehousing

Why Choose Merit Empire

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  • Deliver Environmentally Responsible Client Services

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  • Be an Active Community Partner

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  • Drive Continuous Improvement

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  • Clearance and compliance service

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  • Clearance and compliance service

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  • Maintain High Ethical Standards

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  • Air & Ocean Cargo Insurance

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  • We ensure complete security

Face Behind Logzee Our Team

En. Kahim Negah


Kevin Mash

Head Operational

Mike Douglos

Team Lead Support


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